Birdeatsbaby Returns With A Dark Progressive Lullaby Single ‘Ribbons’

The members of Birdeatsbaby are all talented multi-instrumentalists who come together to produce a sound that is captivating and one of a kind by fusing elements of rock, metal, and cinematic music.

The band dabbles in a variety of musical styles while maintaining the gloomy and foreboding tone that has been their trademark. The band has released five studio albums throughout the course of their career, during which time they have created and refined their distinctive style.

Mishkin, while she was in her teens and suffering from a particularly prolonged attack of sleeplessness, came up with the moniker Birdeatsbaby all by herself. Due to the fact that Fitzgerald received the most of her musical education in the church, she was profoundly impacted by hymns, classical music, and later on, anything rock & roll.

After meeting each other while studying music at the University of Brighton, two musicians who had a passion for dark and progressive music went on to develop a successful musical relationship. Garry Mitchell, who plays guitar and bass, later joined the band. After going through many lineup changes, the band has finally agreed on Anna Mylee, a well-known drummer, to play drums and percussion, and Hana Piranha, a well-known musician, to play the violin, cello, and harp.

The band has been able to successfully crowd-fund each of its albums using platforms such as Kickstarter and Patreon, and has developed something of a cult-like following all across the globe that they have dubbed “The Flock.”

Deeper conversations with the band provide more insight into their musical history as well as their current and future endeavours.

What is your real name?
Mishkin Grey

What’s your official Showbiz name?
Mishkin Fitzgerald

How did you get into music?
I grew up singing and playing at church – I learned hundreds of songs, how to sing in harmony and even how to lead the congregation in worship. I don’t practice Christianity anymore but I’m very grateful for all the music skills I learned from an early age.

What field or genre are you into and how would you describe it?
This is difficult because I tend not to stick to one genre but blend many things together, like a fusion recipe. For example, our song “Bad Blood” has Jazz, Classical, Heavy Metal and Progressive. I would say that our upcoming album HEX is more metal and progressive than previous work.

What was your first project and the people you worked with and which year?
This was always my first project – Garry and I started the band in 2009 and we’re still going today as the original two members. However, I would consider this current line-up the most solid one we have ever had and the strongest musically.

Birdeatsbaby Returns With A Dark Progressive Lullaby Single 'Ribbons'
Birdeatsbaby Returns With A Dark Progressive Lullaby Single ‘Ribbons’

Who or what inspires you or motivates you? And why?
I’m surrounded by incredible musicians – our cellist, Hana Piranha, has her own band, and we also write songs together on another project called HVIRESS. She is an inspiration to me as she has incredible energy and enthusiasm, we come up with some pretty ambitious ideas together and help each other carry them out.

We’ve had some pretty wild times together too and have a strong bond which goes much deeper than the music we create. I guess you could say the band is like a family to me now and over the years we’ve grown close enough to support each other through the good times and bad.

We inspire each other and there’s no time to be unmotivated because we always have something on the horizon to work towards.

Any models you look up to? With reason(s) why?
Not really. I grew up very focused on Jesus as a role model and Christianity as a religion and I’m not sure it was a good thing. I think if you are looking to model yourself on someone else it can be damaging. These days I prefer to surround myself with books, art and music and that’s what I look to.

What do you look out for in this line of business?
I love collaboration projects, so I’m constantly on the lookout for artists that are unusual and create their own unique paths. I think it’s important to lift up other people around you who are working in music, when we share each other’s art, we all grow together. I’ve been so fortunate to collaborate with so many incredible musicians.

What are some of the challenges you face in your career path?
It’s difficult to make money as an independent musician these days – the streaming giant Spotify (Daniel Ek) has made it really hard for musicians to earn anything from the music they write and record, so we are really up against it.

Financially we are dependent on platforms like Patreon and Bandcamp to support our music, and we’re now working harder than ever to be heard. It’s definitely a challenge but it’s not going to stop us.

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?
It’s given us the opportunity to reach more people than ever before, connecting us to music fans around the world – our first music video became massive in Mexico and since then we have had a huge fanbase there. I think it’s ultimately been a really good thing for independent artists, but the industry is always changing, we have to stay on top of it and keep evolving in order to stay afloat.

Do you have any advice for aspiring songwriters?
Be genuine. Write from your own experience. Connect with others like yourself and always be kind. Lift fellow musicians up. People should hear your music and be moved emotionally by it, whatever your genre or style, we need music to live so what you are doing is extremely important and don’t let anyone tell you “get a real job”.

What is your current project about?
HEX is the next album from Birdeatsbaby and it’s an introverted album about the shadow side of life and spirituality.

What are your hobbies?
Hot Yoga. Witchcraft. Shibari.

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