Bianca Jade Gives ‘Pressure’ In Seductive New Single

Bianca Jade is a Cuban-Jamaican powerful R&B and soul singer and songwriter who was born in Miami, Florida, but now resides in New York City.

The Cuban-Jamaican singer-songwriter places a strong emphasis on illuminating her audience and providing them with a sense of agency, particularly women. The soulful approach to R&B that Bianca brings to the genre is years ahead of where she should be in musicals.

At the tender age of nine, Bianca Jade started honing her skills in her chosen profession. Later in life, she trained herself to play the piano by ear and began writing songs at the piano when she was fifteen years old.

Bianca has developed into an experienced performer thanks to her performances in venues ranging from Miami to New York, including the Adrienne Arsht Center and International Music Festival in Miami, Florida, and the Bowery Electric in New York City, respectively.

Since the release of her first studio album, titled “B-Light,” in 2017, Bianca has gone on to collaborate with renowned artists including Jordin Sparks, Talib Kwali, and Jojo. She has also had major appearances on BET, iHeart Radio, and NBC6’s “In The Mix” in South Florida.

She is aware that in the middle of the present assaults on women’s rights in the United States, now, more than ever, is the time to raise her voice and come together to support the other women in her community.

Bianca’s new single “Pressure” is a reminder to women that they are Bad B*tches who deserve whatever they want out of life. The song draws inspiration from some of the most popular R&B sounds of the 2000s. The concept of “pressure” fosters increased levels of self-love and confidence, particularly in relation to sexual liberation.

This young artist embraces the concept via power, perseverance, and a joyful attitude linked with vintage aesthetics influenced by some of her favourite artists. Speaking out for what we want is vital, and this young artist expresses the notion through her work.

In the music video, we are introduced to Bianca while she is wearing a butterfly top that is legendary and influenced by Mariah Carey. Her attitude sets the tone for the song, which begins on a confident note. Both the process of emerging from one’s shell (or, more accurately, one’s cocoon) and the flowering of one’s own personal growth is represented by the butterflies.

She dances in front of purple silk in the starting sequence, which is a homage to the creative lens that was driven by Beyonce’s smash tune “Check On It.”

Bianca is steadfast in her determination to maintain her authenticity in the hopes that she would serve as a model for the next generations. Her most recent EP, titled “JADE Vol. 1” is now available for purchase on all music platforms, and Spotify alone has counted more than 200,000 listens to it.

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