Ben Phipps Goes Full Pop On His Empowering Heartbreak Song ‘Found Myself’

Ben Phipps is charging forward into 2022 with a flurry of releases planned and a newly rekindled passion for the music creation process.

Ben is swiftly establishing a reputation for himself in his new home of Southern California by producing music that spans a variety of genres, including indie dance, pop, and deep house. His popular tune “I Don’t Think So” has been streamed more than 25 million times on Spotify alone, thanks in large part to his innovative approach and insatiable appetite for music.

Ben’s success to this point without the assistance of a big label demonstrates that he is an astute businessman in addition to being a talented musician. Ben has turned down more than one record contract from a big company, and he now publishes his music through his own label, which is known as 14 & 9 Records.

Ben has created his own sound by concentrating on writing lyrics that have meaning and combining them with signature productions, such as bouncing basslines at around 110 beats per minute mixed with smooth melodic vocals and the occasional marimba. The world is beginning to take notice of this sound, and it is becoming increasingly popular.

The song “Found Myself” is about overcoming the agony of losing a partner who was holding you back and coming to terms with the fact that there would be positive outcomes as a result of the breakup.

Found Myself will raise you up and leave you confident in putting yourself first with its energising pop sound and vocals that will go through to your heart.

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