Bayass Drops A New Banger Titled ‘Smash’

Bayass Drops A New Banger Titled ‘Smash’

A young Parisian rapper who is firmly rooted in his age and demands that his music is broadcast on all radio stations. Bayass, as he is known, has been immersed in music since a young age, growing up in Paris’s 18th arrondissement.

He knows the actual street, but he chooses to focus on the things that are essential to him, such as music. He gives a Parisian rap, with energetic and colourful sounds, but also sombre instruments, because he not only raps but also sings at times. He tells the storey of his life, interspersed with a few kinds of music.

Sounds like “hanging out with pals,” but also like “warming up and turning up on occasion.”Bayass returns to Smasher with this new title after a successful service with the previous single “Douk Saga.” An afro-drill sound from Paris’s 18th arrondissement, where all the noises are heckled at each other. A welcoming environment!

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