Bad Plans Shares His Feelings On “Into The Unquiet”

Bad Plans, a singer and songwriter from Nashville, United States who lives and breathes rock music. He is influenced by a host of musical talents like Bring Me The Horizon, Nine Inch Nails, HEALTH, and Korn. He recently dropped a new release titled “Into The Unquiet.”

“Into The Unquiet” by Bad Plans is a song about unsettlement in the face of a fast-paced lifestyle. It is a contemplative song that speaks to the human condition and how we deal with the inevitability of change. The song is about the uneasiness that comes with the knowledge that things will change, and the fear of not being able to cope. The lyrics are well-written and convey a lot of emotion.

Bad Plans offers a unique and mesmerizing soundscape with soaring vocals and an intricate instrumental arrangement. With lyrics that explore the beauty in darkness and the unsettlement of life, “Into The Unquiet” is an impressive effort from a promising young artist.

In conclusion, “Into The Unquiet” is a great rock song by Bad Plans. It has a catchy hook and a great beat. The lyrics are well-written and the song is very relatable. I would definitely recommend this song to anyone who is a fan of rock music.

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