B.B. Cole Shares New Soulful Song “Pieces Of Me”

B.B. Cole Shares New Soulful Song “Pieces Of Me”

Austrian singer, B.B. Cole has announced her presence once again with this new song called “Pieces Of Me”.

The country-soul singer recounts how she attempts to piece together an image of herself from the numerous bits she discovers in other people in the contemplative song lyrics as reflections, illusions, and viewpoints are all used in the video.

Describing the creative process, Cole says “The verses almost wrote themselves”. She added that, And yet, it was one of the songs I re-wrote again and again. Something still didn’t fit here and something needed tweaking there. For a long time it was kind of my hate-love song,

“That actually fits the lyrics very well, as we often are perfectionists and tinker with our self-image and the image others should have of us until we are satisfied.”

The lyrics are about times when you don’t feel good about yourself but seem to be stuck in a black-and-white mindset. She also sings about sad and difficult times, attempting to mask her want for more with more effort.

Speaking about the music video, Cole tells that they “experimented with mirrors, shards and glass to play with reflections, perspectives and distortions like the song lyrics,”. Ines Futterknecht, a Viennese photo-artist, did the filming once more.

B.B. Cole is known for her catchy tunes and meaningful lyrics that address her own personal growth while also encouraging others.

The mother of two was inspired by her role model, American country superstar Loretta Lynn, who composed her first song at the age of 35 as a mother of four children. B.B. Cole (short for Barbara Bressler-Kolembar) was born, followed by her first performances and songs.

She has already received radio exposure and over 100,000 YouTube views with all of her tracks. Her solo album will be out on vinyl and CD in 2022. You should look forward to that.

In the meantime, listen to the new song and enjoy the music video too. Follow her on social media via @bbcolemusic on Facebook and Instagram.

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