Ayoni’s Latest Track “You Said I Love You Too Soon” Is The First From Her Forthcoming EP

Pop music flows through Ayoni‘s veins. The Barbadian artist has embraced her music as a means of self-discovery, inspired by the likes of Lorde and Adele.

Iridescent, Ayoni’s first full-length album, tells the story of her youth and the challenges she faced as a young lady.

Born and raised in Barbados, Ayoni is now 21 years old. Ayoni’s musical journey is guided by her experiences as a young Black woman and immigrant, as well as her Barbadian origin and time spent in Singapore, Indonesia, and the United States. Ayoni exudes confidence, dynamism, and a willingness to take risks.

Her dreamy pop sound, as well as her aptitude for piano, guitar, and technical production, make her a distinctive voice for a global audience.

The Vision EP is an entrance into a new sonic and thematic space for me. Since my debut EP Iridescent, I’ve fallen deeper into the rabbit hole of adulthood and come to intimately know the loneliness and confusion that dwells simultaneously alongside the novelty and joy of forging my own path in this world. Psychedelically indulgent and sonically mature, The Vision EP marks my arrival into more intentional and ambitious production as I welcome my audience to consider with me what it takes to see a vision through. This EP is about celebrating The Endured. I hope this project could be the soundtrack to someone’s spiritual evolution and an encouragement to myself and others not to fear taking up space in this world.

With her ethereal and melancholic pop sound infused with the soul of the island that birthed her and the giants before her, such as Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and Etta James, Ayoni pushes the musical limits.

To kick off her new EP, Ayoni has released her newest single, “You Said I Love You Too Soon.”

This song is a moody, nostalgic performance that expands on If You Leave’s ideas of abandonment anxieties. Inspired by the patterns I was witnessing around me, this song is a consideration of the lengths this generation is encouraged to go to in order to outrun loneliness. I wrote this in 2019 at a time where I definitely felt less optimistic about love. I love how overwhelming the lows of the song are and how big the vocals feel. This song is one of my more cinematic creations and a big component of the sound I’m moving into.

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