Ayitey Releases Double A-Side

Ayitey Releases Double A-Side


Ayitey Releases Double A-Side

The first tastes of Ayitey’s first studio album due out later this year are not one, but two A-side singles.

Extreme opposites, ‘Keshika Ta’ is a Ga language pumping and precise tune especially for his Ghanaian fans around the world, and back home in Ghana, and ‘Healing of the Nation’ a gorgeous reggae dancehall the number which delights and satisfies the music lovers soul.

Why haven’t we heard of Ayitey before? You probably have born and raised in Accra on the coastal towns of Chorkor and Korle Gonno, Ayitey was an established sound engineer and producer before moving to the USA a few years ago.

Keshika Ta talks about ungratefulness, not from a heavy heart, but inspiring each of us to look at times that we have been led astray or disappointed or have ourselves let others down. Imagine lovers talking to each other and try not to dance along to this uplifting, afro funky tune.

Ayitey says

“Healing of the Nation is about advocacy for legalization of marijuana. It’s a natural herb. Birds eat the seed, and cows chew the grass. In ancient times people would watch what animals eat and assume that it could be medicine. When a dog was sick it would go into the forest and eat leaves, and that’s how medicine was studied. Even if ya don smokes it, consider not to judge it. Even the cops I know that smoke are gentle people ”

Ayitey’s new album ‘Crazy World Out There’ is slated for fall 2019 release. Further details will be announced shortly.

  1. Healing Of The Nation

2. Keshika Ta

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