Ayimbila – F.I.O.R

Ayimbila – F.I.O.R

Ayimbila - F.I.O.R

Ayimbila – F.I.O.R

FREEDOM IS OUR RELIGION (FI.O.R) is a debut mixtape by AYIMBILA, a northern breed who has lived most of his life in Ashiaman in the Greater Accra Region.


“FREE THE YOUTH” and “THE VOICE OF THE STREET” has birthed a new crop of artists who seek to exploit their immense talents which much attention have not been given to till recently.

AYIMBILA comes off with a six tracked mixtape

  1. Ayimbila – JJ (Mixed by Alvin)


2. Ayimbila – Show Something (Mixed by Alvin)


3. Ayimbila – Deep Within feat. Alvin (Mixed by Alvin)


4. Ayimbila – F.I.O.R (Mixed by Alvin)


5. Ayimbila – Vegetarian feat. Whizz Prince (Mixed by Alvin)


6. Ayimbila – Fuel (Mixed by Alvin)



It is a mix-genre tape mostly touching on HIPPOP and AFRO POP.

Ayimbila - F.I.O.R

Ayimbila – F.I.O.R

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