Ashleigh Bankx Channels AmyWine House To Capture The Essence Of Afro-Swing In ‘Right Move’

Ashleigh Bankx is an eclectic musician who was born in Zimbabwe and raised in Luton. She takes inspiration for her work from a variety of genres, including Soul/R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Dancehall, and AfroBeats.

Her music is rich in intricate arrangements and tells a delightful story of introspective life lessons, lamenting the loss of a loved one, and longing. Her whimsical creations and a strong blend of prosody between her words, music, and vocal tonality are evidence of the fact that she invests a great deal of her emotional energy in the artistic endeavours that she pursues.

After the release of her tracks “Angel” “Victoria” and “Tried” Ashleigh has been featured in a variety of online music journals and blogs. The three singles have a combined total of more than 35,000 views on Spotify and more than 47,000 streams on YouTube.

Ashleigh is releasing “Right move,” her newest single, as the second single of the year off of her forthcoming six-track EP. The EP will have a total of six songs. Proper Break is about the battle of making the right choices in order to move away from recurrent destructive cycles in relationships that lead to reverting back to a past that is known, comfortable, and safe.

The song provides a portrayal of women who live a bit wild, with sass, who follow their emotions and sing about their feminine intuition and strength without any regret via a lyrical interpretation of occurrences.

The emotive vintage vocals at the beginning of the afro-swing song indicate a loyalty to 60’s soul and Jazz via the influence of Amy Wine House’s “black to black.” The song is an eclectic combination of R&B/ Soul and Hip hop. It opens with the phrase “black to black.”

The song gradually builds up with a blend of deep raspy bluesy vocals, real and frank lyrical content, an amalgamation of a melodic hook inspired by African-indie R&B, and a Caribbean chord progression. All of these elements come together to create the song’s overall sound.

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