Artistnameleon Collaborates With Reef Muny On New Single Dubbed ‘For Me’

Artistnameleon Collaborates With Reef Muny On New Single Dubbed 'For Me'

Artistnameleon Collaborates With Reef Muny On New Single Dubbed ‘For Me’

Leon Wright, otherwise called artistnameleon, is an entertainer, lyricist, and free recording craftsman. He makes music with aspiration, depending on his own gifts over names and financial backers. Presently based out of Atlanta, the powerful ability went through the most recent six years living in both NYC and LA, gaining from the melodic styles of the two coasts prior to getting back to his home province of Georgia.

Want to see what all the buzz is about? Discover the music behind the up-and-coming R&B Trap artist that has already surpassed 1 million streams this year on Spotify, with 11.3k followers and 50k monthly listeners, landed at #110 on the DRT Global Top 150 Independent Airplay Charts, and in less than 48 hours after the release of his latest EP, Never Too Late, earned a homepage spot on Reverb Nation for “Games”, scored radio play on KRXM radio for “Again”, and gained the likes of Spotify playlist Curators, Listdmusic, The Candy Network, Do the Dance, and more.

Artistnameleon, is a free recording skilled worker with no imprint or monetary benefactors, he put his ambitious mindset to use and dispatched a shirt line, ANL Tees that sold out in seven days before it even hit the web-based store. As of now with his third EP, Matter of Time, a music video on BULLETT Magazine and 3 visuals on VEVO outflanking 115K viewpoints, close by a couple of shows added to his collection, artistnameleon is quickly manufacturing his fan base and preparing it for independent experts everywhere.

His underlying work focused essentially on rap and hip bounce, yet generally, that changed in 2015. Artistnameleon began blending his work in with parts of R&B and pop, making a sort of genre-bending sound that reshapes the boundaries of genre.

His latest EP, Above and Beyond, is a collaborative project alongside the Dot Connector, Reef Muny. Above and Beyond is a 5-track genre-bender fit for headphones and house parties alike.

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