Antonella Vizzini Returns To Her Roots With Latest Album ‘My Italian Romance’

Singing, songwriting, and composing music are all a part of Antonella Vizzini‘s repertoire as a Canadian.

Antonella is a seasoned vocalist with more than two decades of expertise. Pop, jazz, and classical music are just a few of the genres in which she has sung in the past. In addition to singing in English and Spanish, she has embraced her Italian and Latino ancestry.

Her father was a musician, and as a consequence, she was exposed to music from an early age. When she was barely 11 years old, she made her first appearance at her school’s talent competition and discovered that she was a natural singer.

Antonella Vizzini Returns To Her Roots With Latest Album 'My Italian Romance'
Antonella Vizzini Returns To Her Roots With Latest Album ‘My Italian Romance’

There are so many different genres that Antonella may like, and it all depends on her mood at the time. Jazz, pop, and Italian music are all included on the list. She’s been performing at Toronto’s jazz clubs lately. She’s been focusing on that recently. However, she has returned to performing Italian music, opening for some of the country’s most famous artists.

The CNE’s Rising Star and Chin Radio’s Italian Canadian Song Festival have given her opportunities to compete in music contests, and she has won first, second and third place three times. Additionally, she has sung the National Anthem at Air Canada Centre for Toronto FC and the Toronto Rock as well as in Nathan Phillips Square to start off fundraising walks for Autism Speaks.

The thing that drives her the most is her desire to sing for the healing power of music. She’s always been this way.  Her son on the autistic spectrum has helped her find a sense of peace and calm, and she returns to it as a kind of treatment whenever she needs it. Her children also inspire her. Their sheer joy was contagious. As soon as people witness her sing or learn a new song, she has a renewed desire to work harder than ever before.

Antonella received her vocal training from the late Bill Vincent, a voice coach to the stars in Los Angeles who taught and introduced the world to speech-level singing.

Her much-anticipated album, “My Italian Romance,” was released only a few weeks ago. For her new album, Vizzini chose traditional Italian songs that reflect her own personal journey as an artist, as well as the songs that have influenced her family, her origins, her culture, and her history.

It’s an emotional journey for her, and each song is crafted to reflect her own personal interpretation of the classic. This allows her backing band to add their own unique improvisation to each track, resulting in a fresh, new, and magical take on the classic interpretation. Her singing also conveys raw emotions, transporting the listener to the moment and inspiring them to keep moving forward.

The GTA and Niagara area has provided Antonella with the chance to collaborate with a wide variety of skilled and well-respected musical ensembles throughout the years. The GTA and Niagara Region have seen her play solo and with numerous ensembles at weddings and receptions, private gatherings, fundraisers, and a variety of festivals. As a result, she has been able to remain at home and care for her 18-year-old son, who was recently diagnosed with autism.

She enjoys working out in her spare time. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, boxing, going out with friends and cuddling with her dog.

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