Anita Cane Violins Announces Her Debut Ep With The Single “Margherite”

Anita Cane Violins Announces Her Debut Ep With The Single “Margherite”

Valentina Iaconis, alias Anita Cane Violins, was born in Como, Italy, in 1994. She does not begin her musical career till she is in her twenties. Her love of hip hop, jazz, soul, and black culture inspires her to create something new from the Italian tradition and mainstream, despite her lack of familiarity with some sounds and concepts, and she prefers to communicate in her home tongue.

From 2019 to 2021, she will study with Ainé (Arnaldo Santoro), a renowned artist in the Italian underground neo-soul movement. She publishes her debut single “Sere d’estate” in 2020 and begins working with the German-Italian producer Meekeska, who assists her in developing her sound. Her initiative aspires to be global. The first track from Anita Cane Violins’ forthcoming debut EP “Intro-Versi” is now available.

The release date has been set for January of the following year by the Italian singer-songwriter. “Margherite” (Daisies) is part of a larger project made by the German-Italian producer Meekeska in partnership with the Italian young rapper Vena. Anita mixes the present black music sound and attitude with an Italian style, striving to provide her distinctive addition to the Italian underground R&B scene. She is inspired by the American school of neo-soul and by Italian musicians such as Ghemon, Davide Shorty, Ainé – who has also been her instructor.

Intro-Versi is an introspective journey in which analyze my mind and my feelings, as a result of a need for self-understanding and growth. I think this is the first step to a bigger change” – Anita Cane Violins

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