Andreia – Nha Mundo (Official Video)

Born in France, Andreia Lima, her real name, grew up in the Paris suburbs with her single mother, who sent her to spend every summer in Cape Verde. Sunday meals were an opportunity for Andreia to hear her aunts sing Cape Verdean classics, the traditional repertoire, reinforcing the feeling of cultural belonging of the singer in the making. Singing becomes a cry of the heart mixing strong feelings, from love to nostalgia.

Vibrations and influences can be found both in the writing and in Andreia’s performance skills. When asked about her greatest role model, Andreia cites her mother above all else. A loving and independent woman who knew how to provide for her family, protect and raise Andreia and her older brothers. Living in the city, she takes all the positive things she finds there, starting with its multi-cultural richness. She was offered various activities (cultural in particular) and became passionate about art at an early age. It is on the hip-hop dance that her choice will first be made.

She quickly joins different companies and in a few years, she performs hundreds of shows. Andreia takes a break and starts to think about her new artistic project, she is then only 22 years old. It was decided that she would return to music, eager to express herself even more directly, in her heart language. Far from clichés, Andreia does not make marketing calculations and wants to present herself to the public in all sincerity. Modern, strong and independent, she does not want to be pigeonholed because of her gender or the colour of her skin. Andreia first sings for fun during improvised jam sessions. A friend then suggested that she record some demos in a studio.

She lends herself to the game, her demos will remain and circulate in a very closed professional circle until Antony “Blaiz” Ribera (sound engineer for Kassav’, Warren …) discovers them in 2017 and offers to rework them in a professional way, detecting the potential of the singer. Thus, during two years, Andreia will refine its compositions to better appropriate them. Andreia now interprets her texts on original and timeless compositions. For this first EP, our singer displays a rare coherence and a beautiful presentation of her abilities in 7 tracks. Each composition reflects a part of the personality of its author. An innovative musical universe, at the crossroads of Afrobeat and Caribbean music with of course an omnipresence of the cultural and musical heritage of Cape Verde.

A singular musical universe, respectful of tradition but definitely in line with modernity. A sound capable of mixing urban beats, vocal sensitivity and universal themes. Andreia proposes melodies as bewitching as intoxicating, lyrics evoking love, uprooting, lost friendships, daily

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