Recently, the name Anastazia has become synonymous with good music. The young singer-songwriter has been turning heads and winning hearts with her unique brand of pop music. Her latest single, “Sun Is Low”, is no exception. The reggaeton song is a beautiful ballad that captures the feeling of love and youth.

Anastazia is a Ukrainian-born, New York-based singer-songwriter whose sound is influenced by the underground scene in Eastern Europe. When she was adjusting to a new city and people almost five years ago in Montreal, she wrote “Sun Is Low”. Her life experiences and the people she met along the way are chronicled in “Sun is Low,” which serve as a reminder that you can’t rely on other people to fulfil your happiness needs. Happiness can only be found within, and not in, yourself.

She considers this song to be the first stage in her journey toward independence. It’s inevitable that some will leave while others arrive. The loss of a loved one or a close friend does not have to break you; you must learn to heal and move on.

This song was actually conceived as a reggaeton single. And “Sun is Low” was initially heard in an acoustic version four years ago as part of The Coost, a project designed to discover new talent in Montreal, where the singer had previously lived before moving to New York.

The vocals on Sun Is Low are both sultry and powerful, with Anastazia’s voice conveying a sense of yearning and longing. The lyrics are simple but effective, and the arrangement is both catchy and memorable. The song is a great example of Anastazia’s talent as a singer-songwriter and is sure to win her many new fans.

ANASTAZIA’s second single will be followed by the release of her debut mini-album, “Love is a Crime.”

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