Amsterdam-Based Trio My Baby Reveal New Single ‘Stupid’

My Baby is a trio from Amsterdam that creates music that has some really cutting-edge sounds and melodies.

The three-piece band has developed a powerful live reputation as a result of their nonstop travelling and the development of an original, one-of-a-kind sound. Since 2012, they have been touring the globe with their kaleidoscopic blues-trance party, which has received positive feedback from audiences everywhere.

Not only have their concerts seamlessly combined elements of rock and dance music, but they’ve also done it flawlessly. Their roots-driven, mesmerising dance music has cast a powerful spell and has swept the globe up in a tidal wave of excitement.

Amsterdam Based Trio My Baby Reveal New Single ‘Stupid’
Amsterdam-Based Trio My Baby Reveal New Single ‘Stupid’

This kind of music is characterised by a sound that combines traditional folk tunes with elements of gospel singing and blues musicianship.

In addition to that, there is the unrefined quality of seventies funk, African desert blues, Moroccan Gnawa, Indian raga, and a hint of electronic dance music, all of which are performed on guitars and drums without the use of computers or samples.

We’ve reworked some of the songs into almost completely new ones. This also means that our audience, who are used to listening to the album versions can discover in some cases dramatic changes. Says drummer Joost Van Dijck

Long live jams are notoriously difficult to capture on a recording, but the band has succeeded in creating the precise atmosphere they had envisioned for the album.

My Baby are back with a new track called “Stupid,” which was produced by Steve Dub, who has won a total of five Grammy Awards. “stupid” marks the beginning of a new period in My Baby’s ever-developing explorations of sound.

‘stupid,’ the newest single from My Baby’s album “sake sake sake” is a fresh-faced shift in the trio’s haunting, groove-ridden psychedelia. It has a far sleeker, darker look than anything My Baby have released in the past.

On stage, we always get such amazing feedback from the audience, which feeds and gives great energy to the show, so this recording was especially tough – adds lead singer Cato.

The song has distorted vocals that swing over a pulsating bassline and forceful percussion, producing a track that is very danceable while retaining a rock ‘n’ roll and industrial edge.

But My Baby are much more than just a wonderfully polished and imaginative recording artist. The cathartic and trance-like intensity of their live concerts converts their tunes into mystical behemoths, earning Cato the endearing moniker of ‘Godzilla.

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