Amber Westerman Premieres Her Latest Single ‘Sunflowers’

Amber Westerman‘s music and words have the ability to open your heart, renew your mind, and touch your soul. She does this with a voice that is serene and pure.

As an artist, one of her goals is to raise people’s consciousness of the heart, so motivating others to act in their own lives from a place of compassion and empathy.

Amber’s music, which is both engaging and calming, is in the pop-folk genre. The lyrics of her songs focus on love, self-empowerment, and living a conscious life.

Amber went to the Model and Talent Expo in Dallas, Texas, with her modelling agency, Tribe Talent Management, with the hopes of discovering new prospects in the fields of modelling, acting, and music.

She used her brand-new original song, “Easy With You,” to compete against all of the singers, composers, and dancers that were present at the event. After competing in two rounds of tryouts with the song, she was not only selected as one of the last eight talents to sing in the Expo’s final Showcase event but she was also selected to begin the evening’s festivities with her performance.

As soon as she started her performance, the whole room, which was packed with hundreds of people, fell into utter silence. Everyone in the room was put into a trance by her lulling voice and the beguiling love ballad that she sang. She was given the title of “Entertainer of the Year” during the night’s culminating awards presentation.

When you put on Amber’s new song “Sunflowers,” you can expect to feel a sense of calm and contentment wash over you. You’ll be able to tune out the craziness of everyday life for a while and tune in to the world of your dreams when you listen to this melody since it’s so gentle and peaceful. After learning the history of the song, you may find that listening to it causes you to shed a tear or two.

In the year 2019, Amber collaborated with her good friend Scott Buchholz at the Hawai’i Songwriting Festival to write the song “Sunflowers.” She had no clue that a few years later, the song would be held by such deep in her heart, with an entirely new meaning, as it does now. At the time of the song’s original composition, it was about following dreams.

Amber had to say goodbye to a very important person in her life earlier this year. That person was her grandpa, Bobby Northcutt. Because he was such a skilled singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he served as a source of motivation for her throughout her whole life. Amber often refers to him as “the Elvis of our family,” and with good reason.

Amber has vivid memories of Dad spending her childhood in his home studio, where he worked on various musical projects. Even further, he burned her a handmade CD with him playing the guitar and little Amber singing along with it. From the moment Amber decided to try to make a living as a musician, he has been nothing but encouraging and supportive of her endeavours, and he has never stopped pushing her to go for the things that she wants.

Amber boarded a plane and travelled to Texas in order to pay her last respects to Bobby Northcutt in the hospital two weeks before he passed away. She was well aware of the extent to which he cherished her music, so she took her guitar with her and performed for him.

“Sunflowers” was the last track on her playlist for that day. When she had done singing, he immediately glanced up at her and said,

“Is that song about going to heaven?”

She struggled to keep the tears from falling as the words tore at her heart as she listened to him speak them.

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