Amber Westerman Exhibits Intense Affection In “Easy With You”

Love is a beautiful thing and it always gets better with time. Who doesn’t want to feel loved and be loved by someone?

Amber Westerman makes her emotions very recognized in this new song she calls “Easy With You” and her feelings are immediately felt.

The song is a charming, easy-to-listen-to-love tune with unique lyrics and it is all about her desire for her fiance.

The American singer certainly gave fans and listeners the new love manual and it is highly emotive prowess and fancy for the ways to your partner’s heart.

She articulates on how unique her love is and devotes her entire attention to delivering alluring lyrics, a seductive ambiance, and a tender flow of vocals.

She hopes that her work as an artist would inspire listeners to conduct their own lives from a place of heart-centered action by raising attention to the heart.

Amber uses her entrancing and calming pop-folk sound to convey words of love, self-empowerment, and mindful existence through her songs.

Listen to the song below and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

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