Amanda Holley Releases An Emotional But Inspirational Single She Dubbed ‘Fav Flavor’

Newark-born singer, songwriter, and composer Amanda Holley is a member of the American music industry.

In this very personal composition, Amanda Holley draws from her background in soulful R&B, buttery tones, and a range that spans five tones.

Holley was born into music and has triumphed over adversity by relying on her vocals to make a living since she was a young child. Her mother was a cellist, and her father was a guitarist and songwriter who wrote songs for Sarah Vaughan. Holley has been exposed to rhythm and melody from the moment she was born.

Her most recent piece, titled “Fav Flavor” is a representation of one of her multi-tonal instruments flying over an old-school yet contemporary Pop / R&B Production.

Amanda is the only author of the melody, lyrics, and vocal arrangement, and she uses the song to communicate the most powerful feelings she has about love, finding the one person you can’t get enough of, and letting go of inhibitions and fear. Amanda wrote the song.

Continue reading to find out more about her as she delves deeper into her life in order to demonstrate how far she has come as an artist and how happy she is with the success she has attained.

What is your real and showbiz name?
Amanda Holley

Where are you from (hometown)?
Newark, NJ though we moved around east coast towns a lot growing up & eventually spent most of my teen life on the Upper West Side during theatre show runs. Currently bi-coastal between NYC & LA

How did you get into music?
Music is who I am & a legacy of music & black music runs in my blood. I had an extremely challenging childhood & teen life. Music saved me & I wouldn’t have physically, mentally, or emotionally survived if not for music & the path it took me on.

I engrossed myself in music 24/7. it was what kept me going & is the only existence I’ve ever known. Sang before I spoke (5-octave range), and started violin at 2.5 (the violin was bigger than me). I taught the piano which I assumed I needed to play in order to be a composer/songwriter.

Published by Columbia Press for poetry & prose as a teen. I told my mother at 3 years old that I heard “angel voices” in my head. She answered,

“you’re a composer, like your dad”

Started performing on stages for crowds of thousands at age 7 & Off & Off off B’Way from age 13 and even sang with the great Les Paul as a young teen at Iridium before he passed.

I was trained by Juilliard prep teachers as a child age 10. Later in childhood, I met my estranged father (Gregory C. Holley) and found out that he was a songwriter, like me & that he wrote hit songs for Sarah Vaughan.

My favourite song he wrote is “I NEED YOU MORE THAN EVER NOW”, which helped me understand why I had this urge to compose music from age 3 when I wrote my first song. My Mom was a trained concert cellist (went to Manhattan School Of Music on a full scholarship) & I spent much of my early childhood sitting in orchestra pits when we didn’t have a babysitter until I eventually ended up being pulled to the stage by theatre directors.

I felt so awkward growing up bi-racial (black & Italian) in a world that still didn’t know how to accept kids like me. I dealt with extreme racism from a certain close person in my immediate family & it was hard to believe I could even be accepted being seen up close & on camera.

I suffered from dysmorphia & thought I shouldn’t be on camera even though I knew in my heart since age two that I came into this world, a soul singer, on the path to being a pop music artist & sing to the masses. Later met my father’s sister – Aunt Pat Holley. She went to Juilliard, discovered, wrote for & co-managed Stephanie Mills.

She taught me about our family history, coming from freed slaves turned Professors & Doctors, & from the Cherokee trail of tears. In my teens, those around me, including my Aunt’s dear friend & songwriting partner Dennis “Doc” Williams (musical dir. for the O’Jays etc), convinced me to pursue my love for recorded music in the pop industry even though I was scared of the business.

I couldn’t stop writing and performing original songs. “Uncle” Dennis told me not to be afraid of myself & my destiny. I listened. My first managers were legendary producer Phil Ramone (14x Grammy winner, 80x nominee) partnered with his son Matt & agent Toby Ludwig (WME) who came to me by a twist of fate – at an airport during a blizzard through a random conversation. Agent, Toby Ludwig coincidentally was managing the O’Jays including “Uncle” Dennis Doc Williams at the time).

Once Phil Ramone died, my Current manager, Ralph Cooper II, stepped in. His father was Ralph Cooper, founder & host of Amateur Night at the Apollo and discovered Billie Holiday & Ella Fitzgerald etc.

My manager later took over his dad’s legacy & his show & also discovered ICE – T & signed him to Sire Warner & had his own label at Universal MCA & produces major motion pictures & television.

Ralph was brought to me & my project by my first business manager, the Godfather of the music industry, the late Bert Padell (who was an angel in my life) who knew how important it was to me that my manager have a commitment to soul & r&b music.

The amazing Sandra DaCosta & her son, Anre are on our team! The journey has been like a movie, from being a homeless baby to collaborating with & being mentored & produced by legendary producers & writers & amazing up & comers.

I feel compelled to sing to the world & the world of music pulls me in deeper and deeper with every turn along my journey as an artist.

Amanda Holley Releases An Emotional But Inspirational Single She Dubbed 'Fav Flavor'
Amanda Holley Releases An Emotional But Inspirational Single She Dubbed ‘Fav Flavor’

What field or genre are you into and give a brief description of what your field feels like?
I love to sing all great songs from pop/r&b, jazz, gospel, classical, & soul to hip hop, but from day one, I’ve always been a pop artist & soul singer/songwriter. R&B, SOUL, & mid-tempos & ballads, and powerful pop anthems – are my absolute favourite songs to sing.

Who or what inspires you or motivates you? And why??
Great music inspires me so much & gives me the strength & motivation to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. I was a strange kid, always listening to the classic vocalists like Aretha, Whitney, Mariah, Billie Holiday, etc. because their music got me through the darkest times, drowning out the most painful days and nights. Of course, I also loved Beyoncé & Alicia & Adele & current artists . . . but, more than anything, to feed my soul, I had to look back to the more traditional singers.

I honestly feel like it’s a miracle that I’m even in this world & that it’s my life purpose to create & share songs & art that inspire passion & strength in others the same way the singers mentioned did for me! My journey is definitely unique & was and is very intense, but I can take everything I’ve come through & use it as fuel to be there for others through the most powerful medium in the world – music.

What was your Most inspiring moment?
When I got to play and sing my song at Carnegie Hall. I was invited by Myron McKinley (musical director for Earth, Wind, & Fire) all made possible by the producer Michel Pascal who introduced (spiritual singer & co-writer w the Dalai Lama, films with Deepok Chopra etc.).

I’ve performed at the U.N., opened seasons for NYFW & LAFW w Style Fashion Week, opened for Wale at Sony Hall, Coachella events, Birdland, etc. played venues kissed by those I look up to so much.

Another was Spending time with Aretha Franklin on a few occasions & her telling me “God’s got you, you will get there” . . . & her signing the CD I had since childhood was given to me by the first music teacher to take me under his wing, Bob McHugh . . . & Aretha loving my shoes.

That was a huge moment! Every time I set foot on stage, my love for the audience makes me feel like I’m flying & after the show when people tell me how something in my song shifted something within that person . . . it’s the highest feeling in the world!

What does your current song/album mean to you?
Fav Flavor is my latest single from my Upcoming EP “The Holleygraphic ”. The song is deeply personal to me as is each song on this project.

It was produced by XXL Freshman Class producer OHKAYLAWS, with vocal production by a Grammy winner. Michael Prochilo aka Rich Royce. I wrote the melody, lyrics & vocal arrangement.

What do you do aside from this profession?
Music has always been my profession . . . I started making side money at 10 years old teaching neighbourhood kids violin & eventually voice until I ended up working for major label executives and local music schools as a teen. I even vocal trained a 5x Grammy winner for two years as a teen & was able to support myself eventually & help those I love! I made money performing in theatres. . . music has been and always will be my lifeblood.

What are your hobbies?
I love being with my family of friends & musical family & the ones in my family who has been there for me as angels in my life! Love shopping & shoes!! Love going dancing, hiking, the beach, & crystals!!!

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