Amanda Bourneuf – Harcelé (Official Video)

Amanda Bourneuf started singing when she was seven years old. In the beginning, she worked with Mariana Yotova, who is a lyrical singing instructor at the conservatory who recognises her talent right away.

She subsequently joined the Solare choir in Châtillon, where she learnt how to sing in a group and how to use her voice in a variety of various positions. She idolises her peers, such as Kids United, and she grows up listening to the music of Céline Dion, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Adèle, and even Louane, who are all influences on her.

In 2018, while participating in a competition organised by her city, she was noticed by Léa Fortin Rechin, a professional pianist who graduated from the Conservatory of classical piano in Paris and from the ATLA school of contemporary music, as well as a songwriter, with whom she began a cover project that is still ongoing on stage.

After a year of live performances, they decide to start writing their own material. The creation process will begin in July of this year. As part of the project, professional musicians will be brought in to round out the sound: thus, flautist Yvan Bertet will join forces with guitarist Grégoire Fortin and bassist Laurent Baron, as well as drummer Laurent Baron.

Amanda Bourneuf released a new track, Adolescence, on December 3rd, after the release of her highly acclaimed previous hit, “Harcelé,” which dealt with school bullying and presented the emotional and tragic narrative of a bullied young guy, garnering over 130,000 views on YouTube.

Amanda brings us into a lot more rock environment where electro-acoustic guitar and punk distortion alternate, and she speaks to us about adolescence, its many paradoxes, and the challenge of transitioning from childhood to maturity in her new song.

With an initially acoustic ambience and a strong rock, almost punk-influenced refrain, this title evokes the youthful cosmos of American television programmes. With this excellent collection, she allows us to uncover a new side of her highly brilliant and yet enthralling character.

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