Aloosh Premieres ‘Waiting’ From Their Forthcoming EP

Jodie Scantlebury and Alastair McNeill, both from Birmingham and Basildon, are the two members of Aloosh, a duo pop band.

When Jodie Scantlebury and Alastair McNeill met during the 2008 Roisin Murphy World Tour, they found a bond that led to the formation of Aloosh.

Both parties are huge music fans who dreamed of one day sharing the stage with their idols in world-famous venues.

They went from being up-and-coming to becoming a favourite of radio DJs, all because they held secret London shows to establish a devoted following.

As a band, they produce music that comes easily to them, thus their music isn’t manufactured for them.

Aloosh Premieres 'Waiting' From Their Forthcoming EP
Aloosh Premieres ‘Waiting’ From Their Forthcoming EP

Aloosh draws its inspiration from a wide variety of sources, but children, in particular, are a huge source of motivation for the group. When Jodie and Alastair were forced to take a vacation from their music careers, new songs began to emerge.

A new song, “Waiting,” has been released. From “Another Breakup,” “Waiting” is the first single. A song about a yearning for something that never comes and the bond that it creates amongst those who share it.

One can hear the band’s maturation and maturity on this album, yet it retains its dark trip-hop flavour.

In the song “Waiting,” we’re not only dealing with the pain of our breakup, but we’re also reuniting as a band for the first time in 10 years.

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