Almet Music Lab Shares Their Newest Project ‘Аю бәете’

The Almet Music Lab is the first music laboratory devoted to Turkic music to be held in Almetyevsk.

Students, aspiring musicians, and experienced musicians working in the area of Ethno music were present at the event.

In March of 2022, the city of Almetyevsk played host to the very first Turkish music laboratory. Participants in the show were given the chance to produce new compositions using the collection of Turkish musical instruments (including stringed instruments, woodwind instruments, and percussion instruments).

Almet Music Lab Shares Their Newest Project 'Аю бәете'
Almet Music Lab Shares Their Newest Project ‘Аю бәете’

Throughout the course of the week, those who were participating in the research project were given the opportunity to attend master workshops that focused on the skill of playing traditional Turkic musical instruments.

The plucked and bowed strings, woodwinds, and percussion instruments that are part of the collection at the Exhibition of Turkic Musical Instruments were made available to music enthusiasts so that they may use them to compose their own pieces.

In order to record the content that was created, a mobile recording studio was set up inside a genuine yurt (an authentic replica of the Volga Bulgaria dwelling). Kazan musicians, staff members of the exhibition, and students of the Almetyevsk Music College collaborated in order to produce a number of songs in the traditional Turkic genres of Bayit, munajat, ozyn koy, and takmak, but based on contemporary poetic themes. The songs were created as a result of their efforts.

Verse, eulogies, long melodies, and takmaks belonging to various Turkish genres and covering the topical themes of today’s poetry were born as a joint result of the activities of Kazan musicians, exhibition workers, and students of the Almetyevsk College of Music in Kazan. These verses and eulogies were composed by Kazan musicians.

The album has included a one-of-a-kind author’s material, which is a combination of the traditional musical culture of the Volga area and a contemporary interpretation of that culture.

The curators of the laboratory are the Yummy Music label: Ilyas Gafarov and Radif Kashapov.

The experts are Gennady Makarov, Almaz Askhadullin and Eric Markovsky. The line producer is Endge Gizzatova.

The music producer is Marat Fayzullin.

The sound producer is Timur Milyukov.

Poets: Zuleikha Kamalova, Guzel Zakirova, Ilyas Farkhullin, Milyausha Gafurova.

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