Alien Machine – The Sea Complains

Alien Machine is a United States based musician who dabbles in the art of punk rock. Alien Machine was formed after graduating high school back in 2013 as an idea and had its first official release in 2020. Alien Machine is influenced by many great bands and artists including Radiohead, Self-Neglect, AJJ, Refused, and Jeff Rosenstock. 

Alien Machine has been working on lots of charity compilations with various small DIY labels since their previous release and now out with a new original 5 track list EP titled “The Sea Complains”. It was produced in Burleson, TX by Noah.

The EP from Alien Machine talks about mental health struggles. “The Sea Complains” was born out of a frustration with writer’s block, and the stress as a DIY artist of feeling like constant releases are necessary to maintain momentum. He has also been doing lots of little side songs about mental health musically and inspired by new gear acquired in between major releases. 

If you like this type of music, anyone hearing Alien Machine and the Sea Complains for the first time will be blown away. Let’s hope that outlets like Spotify spread the word and help him acquire the audience he deserves.

Follow Alien Machine on? Twitter, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

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