Alice June Returns With A Brand New Single ‘City Vibes’

Alice June was born in a little town near Milan, Italy’s largest city, and has worked her way up to being a multi-talented artist.

Alice has been performing on stage since she was a youngster, thanks to her love of music, dance, and acting. When she began taking guitar lessons, her love for music became stronger.

Alice June Returns With A Brand New Single 'City Vibes'
Alice June Returns With A Brand New Single ‘City Vibes’

She spent many years touring the globe, learning about various cultures and musical genres, all of which have had a significant impact on her music project and the central idea of her first project “Freedom”. Once in Milan, she was able to further her education in the field of singing by taking lessons from experienced singers.

In particular, the UK indie pop-rock subgenre had a significant influence on her musical inclinations. She enjoys both listening to it and recreating its ethereal atmospheres and intense vocal performances in her own music.

A drive to express herself is at the root of Alice’s inspirations and motives. Even if her work had a positive effect on others in the past, her current drive for making music stems from her need to express herself via it.

I love hearing from individuals after they’ve listened to my music and said that it’s made them feel better

To express a magical dialogue between two people in a city, her most recent single “City Vibes” is a perfect fit. As the buildings’ lights begin to glow as the nighttime draws near, the noises of the city fade into the background, making it seem as if they are in a movie. As the title suggests, the mood of the song is calm and serene.

A worldwide team of musicians and producers, including Bat for Lashes’ drummer and others like Anna Calvi, collaborated on the single (who worked with Pavarotti and other international artists).

Grammy Award winner mastered the track in New York City after it was recorded in London and Italy. Travelling while listening to music and shooting photos is one of Alice June’s favourite pastimes.

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