Ali Angel Premieres Her Self Titled EP “Ali Angel”

As a singer, composer, and music instructor, Alexandra Angel, better known by her stage name Ali Angel, conducts 45-minute music and sensory courses for children aged 0-4.

Ali was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Tarzana in the San Fernando Valley before attending Tulane College in New Orleans, where she studied for four years.

She’s been a musician and a writer her whole life. She used to perform in school plays, play the guitar, dance, and participate in theatre productions. She’d always had a deep love for it, and it was her primary hobby.

Retro-soul, indie rock, twang, and pop are all present in her music. Despite the fact that they all share a 70s-inspired production and feel, each of the six tracks on her new project is unique in its own way. For example, some are more twangy, while others are rockier.

In spite of the fact that she collaborated with other artists on tracks that are in the works/finished and on standby, this EP is the work she has put the most effort into and devoted herself to so far.

“Extra Wild” is one of three singles from the EP. This song is a reference to Angel’s appreciation of the vintage Motown sound, which reflects the delicacy and excitement of a new affair.

“Middle Name” the second single from Angel’s upcoming album, has a grungier, rockier sound. The darker, more obsessive aspect of swooning over a new love relationship is explored on this album, which is the more intense, enticing cousin of “Extra Wild.”

Ali Angel Premieres Her Self Titled EP "Ali Angel"
Ali Angel Premieres Her Self Titled EP ‘Ali Angel’

The darker, more obsessive aspect of swooning over a new love relationship is explored on this album, which is the more intense, enticing cousin of “Extra Wild.” In her live performances in Los Angeles, “Middle Name” is a crowd-pleaser because of its standout guitar riffs, pulsating bassline, and Angel’s dynamic vocal range.

In the third song, “Loving You Lately” Angel exhibits her most stripped-down and sensitive hues yet. It’s a delicate song about finding love again after being rejected and having bad experiences in the past, and it captures both the dread and the joy of really committing to a relationship with another person.

“Loving You Lately” has a classic, timeless air thanks to its sweeping strings, grounded horn lines, and honest vocals cushioned with deep harmonies.

On Ali Angel’s EP, Oliver Roman and Andrew Weitz collaborated as co-producers. Angel proves that she is a versatile performer, able to move fluidly between retro-soul, twangy pop, and indie rock.

When she gets her ideas and inspirations, it’s from personal experiences and sentiments, therefore she tends to write when she’s in a very evocative mood or state of mind.

When Ali sings about something she’s been through herself, she has a better sense of the song’s atmosphere and content. In hindsight, it’s intriguing to write about things, but there’s something to be gained by writing about them in the present time that makes a song more powerful.

There is no unifying theme musically or conceptually in this project since it is a snapshot of the previous two years of her life and her first attempt at creating her music into a full-fledged record!

Her interests outside of work include cooking, astrology, antique shopping, languages and spirituality; she also enjoys dance classes.

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