Alexander Joseph Releases An Uplifting Single Dubbed ‘Firefly’

On this guitar-driven alt-pop tune, Alexander Joseph, a singer/songwriter from the UK, returns to his roots. Since he was a child, Alexander Joseph has tried to balance his love of music with his interest in sports. Open mics in Bath and travelling the UK with a university-formed covers band are where he learned to play the guitar.

Since the beginning of his career, he’s been known for penning upbeat songs about conquering adversity, and he’s devoted to doing so going forward.

His dedication to the world of sport is derived from his experience on the international tennis tour and his current teaching responsibilities in professional sports.

Follow along below as he shares more about his personal life and professional music endeavours, including his most recent album.

What is your real name?

Alex Cockram

What’s your official Showbiz name?

Alexander Joseph

How did you get into music?
Well my uncle had an incredible collection of electric guitars and encouraged me to form a school rock band, plus my dad took me to see ‘Yes’ as a teenager and absolutely loves music – so this alongside listening to my fair share of Nirvana, Radiohead, Oasis and Coldplay growing up probably got the ball rolling…

What field or genre are you into and how would you describe it?
I love discovering and listening to a range of music, which is generally led by the mood I’m in. I probably listen to acoustic or alternative tunes the most, which often feature artists like Ben Howard, James Bay, Mumford & Sons, Coldplay or Kodaline.

I also love cranking up Liam Gallagher’s new material for something with a bit of attitude, however, if I’m in need of a gentle start to the day, then classic FM usually has the answers! I think it’s fair to say that all music has its place and I like to keep my options open…

What were your first project and the people you worked with and which year?
I recorded a five-track EP called ‘St. David’ in a flat above a department store with my good friend and fellow musician Terence Ryan, which we released in 2013. It was an amazing learning experience that hugely helped me to find my sound and reasons for writing music.

Alexander Joseph Releases An Uplifting Single Dubbed 'Firefly'
Alexander Joseph Releases An Uplifting Single Dubbed ‘Firefly’

Who or what inspires you or motivates you? And why?

It’s difficult to pinpoint one thing here as it’s a real mix. I’m inspired by all sorts of people and experiences, which have led to me writing songs about becoming a father for the first time, my Polish grandmother who went through so much in World War 2, the sports and athletes I’ve worked with, my faith which is my bedrock and the importance of togetherness. I’m motivated to put some positivity back into a world that can so easily sap it up, and I’m committed to doing this by any means, of which music is one.

Any models you look up to? With reason(s) why?

Chris Martin & Coldplay for their relentless ability to create music that connects with people and their infectious energy when performing live! I also admire Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal for their determination, competitiveness and longevity at the top of the tennis world.

What do you look out for in this line of business?

Good reasons to write a new song and opportunities to collaborate with other artists.

What are some of the challenges you face in your career path?

Trying to juggle my passion for writing and recording new music alongside the responsibilities of a full-time job and a busy family life with three energetic kids! Time is precious and you can’t always plan to create a new song, so finding the right headspace can sometimes be a challenge, especially when you’re being pulled in lots of different directions.

I’ve also found it challenging to generate the funds to cover studio costs in the past, however, a platform called Rocketfuel has been monumental in helping me to build crowdfunding support, which is the reason so many of my songs exist as they do today.

Another tricky area to navigate is knowing which promotional companies to trust with my music (and hard-earned cash), especially now there are so many voices out there all promising to deliver ‘guaranteed’ results.

This is something I’ve learnt to pay less attention to though, as the most enjoyable stage for me will always be the creation of new songs, which will hopefully do the talking!

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

When I was growing up, I couldn’t wait to get a copy of my favourite albums on cassette or CD – I enjoyed holding the physical product and reading all the information on the sleeves. I even hunted down and bought a copy of ‘Be Here Now’ by Oasis on release day from a French record shop when on holiday with my parents! It’s fair to say the internet has impacted this experience somewhat, with the ability to listen to any song or album digitally on demand.

This obviously does have its benefits; however, it’s devalued the process of releasing music in my opinion, making it extremely difficult to even cover your recording & promotional costs from the revenue generated from sales/streams.

On the flip side, the internet has made it so much easier for independent artists like me to release music into the big wide world and find opportunities to share it with new audiences. It’s also given us the ability to gig ‘virtually’ and connect with people on social media, so as always there are two sides to the story…

Do you have any advice for aspiring songwriters?
Just keep writing new songs and experimenting with different sounds/styles. I’ve found challenging myself to create something different can bring about surprisingly good results – I’ve also written my fair share of songs that aren’t worth developing further, however, this is still part of the songwriting journey!

What is your current project about?

Firefly is about finding and holding onto our light during the darker moments in life, of which there have been a few recently. We all go through ups and downs and have different battles going on, so I hope this song might be an encouragement to someone to keep going and not lose faith.

What are your hobbies?

Watching live music, drinking coffee, playing sports (especially football, golf and tennis) and hitting the gym! I do also enjoy throwing on a Marvel film or reading a thought-provoking book.

What do you do aside from this profession?

I have a coaching role within the British wheelchair tennis programme looking after the physical training of the players and assisting on the court. It’s been an incredible experience so far, which has taken me to two Paralympic Games and increased my awareness of the skills and abilities of these athletes across the world.

Prior to this role, I’ve spent time in a similar capacity with wheelchair rugby, wheelchair basketball, badminton, bob skeleton, netball and tennis – which was my sport growing up!

What is one message you would give to your fans?

A big thank you for listening to my music, it would be a very lonely business if it wasn’t for your support and messages of encouragement! Ultimately, I write songs to connect with people so please keep in touch and let me know how I’m getting on!

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