ALE[X] Drops Noussavons Ahead His Forthcoming EP

ALE[X] Drops Noussavons Ahead His Forthcoming EP

ALE[X] Drops Noussavons Ahead His Forthcoming EP

ALE[X] is a French rapper, musician (drummer, percussionist), producer, beatmaker who launched his solo career after having worked for years for other artists, notably through several international projects bringing together singers/rappers from all over the world (Africa, Asia, Europe …).

With his first EP in progress and his previous single SAYONARA, ALE[X] comes to defend a style little represented in French rap, namely modern Hip-Hop inspired by the historic New York scene (Redman, Onyx, Necro, RA The Rugged Man ) Recently, he participated in the Cyphers PLM3 & PLM4 (i.e Pass Da MIC 3 & 4) produced by GOLIATH, and several features with different rappers from the French and international indie scene are being finalized for releases planned in the weeks and months to come.

While waiting for the release of his first solo EP, ALE[X], the French rapper, invites us to discover and listen to his new single “NOUSSAVONS” which when translated basically means We Know.

NOUSSAVONS is a groove and brutal Rap / Hip-Hop single, marking the formation of the artistic concept “Conspiracy Social Club”. Committed, conscious lyrics, social criticism and personal reflections are thus set to music by an energetic and technical flow, in line with a powerful and groove beat. The main video clip and the various video elements were produced by the “Les Associables” collective according to a deliberately dark and martial artistic direction.

The Track NOUSSAVONS was produced in collaboration with Olive, drummer and composer of the Hip-hop group SONATEEN who has toured extensively in France.

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