Aladdin Movie In The Making


Aladdin Live Action Movie In The Making.

Disney is quickly building the live-action Aladdin cast with some impressive names.
As you’re probably aware, Disney is in the midst of remaking many of their animated classics as live action movies. Beauty and the Beast was a notable recent success at the box office, and last year’s Jon Favreau-directed The Jungle Book was an absolute delight (and has a sequel on the way in October 2018). There are others in the works, including Mulan and Favreau’s version of The Lion King, but let’s not forget about Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin.



Will Smith will play the Genie, which immediately gives this version of Aladdin the requisite star power. Smith recently bowed out of a role in Tim Burton’s live action Dumbo adaptation for the studio and his role as Genie was revealed at the D23 Expo. Good luck, Mr. Smith. You’ve got some serious shoes to fill, since he was voiced to perfection by Robin Williams in the 1992 animated original.

Will Smith
Will Smith

Mena Massoud lands the part of Aladdin himself in what will be his first major film role for the newcomer. Massoud apparently beat out well known candidates like Dev Patel and Riz Ahmed, as well as relative unknowns like Achraf Koutet and George Kosturos who were part of “several rounds” of testing in London for Aladdin.
Naomi Scott, a 24-year-old London-born actress, will play Princess Jasmine. Scott’s name should be familiar to anyone who saw the recent Power Rangers reboot film, in which she played Kimberly Hart/Pink Ranger. She also appeared in the fact-based 2015 drama The 33and may also be remembered for her role on Fox’s extravagantly exorbitant 2011 time-travel/dinosaurs TV series Terra Nova. Moreover, her existing credits under the Disney umbrella include the 2009 Disney Channel UK series Life Bites and the 2011 Disney TV movie Lemonade Mouth.

Aladdin has yet to book a release date, but 2019 is a safe bet.


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