Akosia Uncovers Newest Single ‘Bang Bang’ About Toxic Relationship

Akosia is an Australian musician who was born in Ghana. Her latest song, “Bang Bang,” was produced by a local talent named Donny Benét. Akosia continues to defy genres and merge soundscapes on this track.

The lively song “Bang Bang” by Akosia Sabet is about breaking out from an unhealthy relationship and rediscovering who you are as an individual. The song ‘Bang Bang’ features Akosia’s silky and captivating vocals, which are boosted by dazzling layers of synthesisers and sparkling rhythms with compelling groove and vitality. The song transports listeners into another realm.

We all know that we’re supposed to stay true to our core beliefs but life isn’t that simple. Choices can be seductive and make you trade parts of yourself in order to feel the safety of unpredictable highs.

Akosia creates a sound that is both tranquil street-heat, pleasurable, and refined by combining many genres and pulling inspiration from pop, soul, and funk sensibilities. Lyrically, ‘Bang Bang’ comes from an introspective and sombre expression on the part of Akosia, despite the track’s upbeat sound and bounce.

Akosia’s most recent album, GO, which cultivates a strong message about regaining your power and going through the world on your own terms, was followed by the release of their new single, “Bang Bang”

I battle with staying true to myself and feeling safe and loved. My freedom is something that at times I have traded for love. ‘Bang Bang’ is a song about the moment you see through all the bullshit lies that are told to you in an attempt to manipulate, shame and make you feel so worthless enough to stay in an unhealthy relationship. Heavy I know, but I wanted to make it light-hearted, a cute little moment for you to process and dance through the pain, let go, and then move on

Akosia’s vocals float above a bed of shapeshifting rhythms and syncopated beats, wrapped up in silky layers of avant-garde R&B production that was produced by Rob Amoruso (The Rubens, Mia Wray). This production has received immense artist love from BLESSED, Milan Ring, Thandi Phoenix, Elsy Wameyo, and Sophiya, just to name a few.

A important year for Akosia seems to be in the making in the year 2022. She is renowned for the vivid stories she tells and her silky smooth voice. Exciting new information reveals that Akosia is now putting the finishing touches on new music that will be included in an upcoming project that will be released later on in this year.

Akosia shares 

It was such an honour to be in that space, to play a Black deity and to be a symbol of protection and pleasure”. Two years after shooting her part for the film, I remember I was supporting Julia Stone at a show, so I jumped off the stage, got into a limo, drove straight to the airport, landed in Sydney and was up until 3:00 am shooting. It was incredible.

The Melbourne-based artist also has a role in the Marvel blockbuster film Thor: Love & Thunder, which was directed by Taika Waititi. In this film, she plays the beautiful Goddess Bast, who is a deity in the pantheon of the Black Panther.

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