Akoma Onwuzuruigbo – Messenger (Prodby. KurtCurt)


Akoma Onwuzuruigbo – Messenger (Prodby. KurtCurt)

Akoma Onwuzuruigbo, a new wholesome musician of Nigerian descent, releases his debut song ‘Messenger’. Serving its purpose as an introduction to his forthcoming EP, Onwuzuruigbo is ready to stand out in a seemingly overloaded industry.

After joining a band in middle school (as a reason to not have to go home), Onwuzuruigbo felt that music was instilled in him from that point on. Mastering guitar, vocals, and overall production, Onwuzuruigbo continues to make music because it calls him; reaffirming that he’s destined to use this medium to contribute and breathe life back into generations of souls, who are consciously or unconsciously withering away.

Akoma’s music influences stem from Memphis Blues to Southern Gospel, to Ray Charles, James Brown, Nduka, Fela Kuti, Michael Kiwanuka, just to keep it brief. “The people that consume my music are longing to escape their present moment and ride off to the land of milk and soulful harmonies.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those that falsely believe they are free”, Akoma explains.


For all Akoma Onwuzuruigbo press inquiries, please contact Richardine Bartee at GRUNGECAKE – richardine@grungecake.com. Akoma Onwuzuruigbo is available for interviews, appearances, and creative collaborations.

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