Akan – Mate Aprodoo ( The Documentary )

Akan – Mate Aprodoo ( The Documentary )

Akan - Mate Aprodoo ( The Documentary )

Akan released his debut album in 2017, the album, dubbed ”Onipa Akoma” has 15 different tracks performed by Akan and  featured one other artiste Worlasi.

The track five (5) off the album “Aprodoo” was performed by Akan and prod by 420 Drumz, MikeMillz and Twistedwavex.

Akan - Mate Aprodoo ( The Documentary )

Tracklist for Onipa Akoma performed by Akan

In the 8 mins 47 seconds documentary, he spoke about how he grew up, where he spent most of his early childhood,  where he attended school, I bet you never knew he was the school prefect of his time.

He explained into details what Aprodoo really meant, giving a length explanation to what really inspired him to write the song Aprodoo. He opened up about what he believed to his calling and is always grateful to have had music as a talent.

Also he shone more light on Environmental degradation, school dropout, crime and hopes and aspirations of other people.

Watch video below :

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