Aisyah Discusses Self Love In Latest Single “All 2 You”

You must not lose yourself while assisting others or being there for them. You should prioritize yourself as well.

Bruneian-born singer, Aisyah has shared the same thoughts in this new single she has christened “All 2 You”.

It is a song about self-love, trying to take care of one’s own necessities, and not forgoing one’s own happiness to satisfy others.

The chord configurations in the song are gentle and stunningly beautiful, and they work well with her vocals. Music is pleasurable when listening to her.

She engages her audience’s emotions while also believing that everybody needs to take priority and elevate themselves without feeling ashamed or greedy.

She serves as a daily reminder of her eloquence, her perseverance in making a difference through music, and both her tone and musicality are perfect.

During her studies, she also worked with local filmmakers to score music for their projects. Aisyah was also producing, writing, performing, and self-publishing music for her own collaborative efforts with indie filmmakers.

Give the song a good listen and take some clues from it. Follow her as well on Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Instagram

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