Afterpardi Celebrates Freedom After Lockdown With New Single ‘More Cheddar’

Afterpardi is a trap artist who was born in Sudan and reared in Canada. He has been active in the music field for a number of years and has created a reputation for himself as one of the most well-known trappers in the Toronto region.

Afterpardi realised that his future lay in the music industry after finding his aptitude for rapping when he was doing time in prison. He started performing gigs while he was still incarcerated, and as a result, he developed a devoted fanbase.

He started experimenting with numerous sounds in order to avoid following the already oversaturated style of music in Canada, and he is now generating a new wave in the Rap music industry as a result of his efforts.

Afterpardi Celebrates His Freedom After Lockdown With New Single ' More Cheddar'
Afterpardi Celebrates His Freedom After Lockdown With New Single ‘ More Cheddar’

He creates a combination of melodic rap and traps music that is both one-of-a-kind and revolutionary, gripping listeners and turning heads in his home city and abroad thanks to his musical inspiration, which is drawn from his life experiences.

The release of his most recent hit, “More Cheddar” marks the beginning of our very first summer without any travel restrictions. More Cheddar is a decidedly contemporary and subculture-focused product that serves as a symbol of everyone’s newly found freedom.

It enables us to be carefree and enjoy the kind of fun that we haven’t had in a while, which is something we haven’t done in a while. The momentum and swing of flow combine to provide an upbeat atmosphere that even young children can enjoy.

His voice and the trap music he plays merge together without a hitch, resulting in tracks that are very addicting.

I can see this being played at beaches, pool parties, or even driving late at night in the humid summer air. Overall, It’s a perfect fit for our current situation. Personally, I just came home from a long stint in prison, so writing a song about newfound freedoms was just a natural thing to me.

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