Adxm Pins Out With – “N u m b”

Adxm Pins’s latest single and music video, “N u m b,” features a vocal performance in which he unabashedly channels the eroticized flow of the song’s melody. Adxm uses technical and tightly wrapped ways to ensnare us in his web of sonic lyricism in this performance, and the result is a song and music video that are designed to bring us closer to the artist’s soul, regardless of their point of origin.

Adxm Pins is a musician and producer based out of Los Angeles who makes it a point to constantly push artistic boundaries. Since his days as a high schooler in Knoxville, Tennessee, he has been writing and performing original music. Before he started making music in the pop and rap genres, he was in a metal band named The Creatures In Secret.

Because of his background in punk and metal, he has been influenced by a wide range of musicians, from A Day To Remember and The Story So Far and Blink 182 and Green Day to Dominic Fike and JuiceWrld and Lil Baby and Morgan Wallen and Billie Eilish. He does, however, continue to listen to a broad variety of musical styles.

His newest single, “N u m b,” focuses on his battles with anxiety, overthinking, and depression. This song was written as a therapeutic outlet for him in the vein of a diary. Adxm was going through some difficult times in his personal life at the time he wrote this song. The music video depicts his inner conflicts and the struggle he has at times over his own thoughts.

Since there aren’t many other notable players making waves in this player’s scene, we have to give props to Adxm for bringing in the crowds. Since he possesses such a versatile set of abilities, he can be utilised in a wide variety of artistic contexts. In any case, I think it will help him gain popularity in areas where he hasn’t had much success before.

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