Beads are in vogue since time immemorial. For some it’s a tradition and for some it spells style.

Beads are extremely versatile which can give you an elegantly bold look.

They give you the freedom to incorporate flashy colors in your wardrobe.

Available in different shapes, materials and sizes, along with infinite options of hues, bead accessories are all-time must-haves in your trendy collection.

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Choose beaded accessories that suit your skin tone to enhance your look.

Lighter skin tones look best in silver, while deeper skin tones look better with gold.

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If you have colored beads, try to match cooler skin tones with blue-based colors, and warmer skin tones with red or yellow-based colors.

Smaller your structure, smaller the size of the beads you wear. A tiny woman wearing a giant beaded necklace is sure to be a fashion disaster.

Do trust your personal style and set your own trends when treading the beaded land.

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Your beaded collection is incomplete without a beaded necklace from << BEADS BY BELLAZOE>>

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Locate us East Legon,Popolampo avenue opposite Lycee Francaise,

call or whatsapp on 0241300465,we deliver anywhere in Ghana.

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