Advents Out With “White Flag”

Advents, a band formed just outside New York City, is an unstoppable force with a statement to make in the next wave of metalcore. The five-piece band, comprised of Anthony Spizzirro (vocals), Kevin Chapilliquen (guitars), Sebastian Ferlin (guitars), Nor Omar (bass), and Joe Koza (drums), combines ferocious aggression with refined melody.

The most recent single released by the band is titled “White Flag,” and it focuses on the shortcomings that come with being human as well as finding the strength to move through life’s toughest challenges.

“The feeling of wanting to give up and actually doing so are two different things,” explains Spizzirro. “The red theme that ties into this release is very intentional and symbolizes a very real feeling of hopelessness, but the flag is never white, and we continue to push on. At times, it may seem easier to throw in the towel but it’s worthwhile to stay for the ride.”

Chris Wiseman (Currents, Shadow of Intent) is a co-writer on “White Flag,” which was produced by Ricky Armellino (Ice Nine Kills, HAWK), and Jonathan Dolese was responsible for mixing and mastering the song (Cane Hill). The self-titled debut EP by Advents is completed with this single.

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