ACTRESE Impresses With “Vivid But Vague”

ACTRESE is a pop and indie music visionary of the next generation. She articulately describes her sound as a “sexy envisionment of reality.” She embraces the future while maintaining a strong connection to her past, making her a pioneering figure in today’s music scene. Her previous single was included on a number of different curated playlists available on Spotify (Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Pop). ACTRESE creates melodies that are ethereal and daydreamy, and her vocals have a seductive quality. Her impressive style is influenced by artists such as Lana Del Rey, The xx, and Ben Howard.

A new single by ACTRESE has been released, and it sounds like it could be a global hit. The new indie-pop track “Vivid But Vague” features ACTRESE’s delicate yet agitated, full-of-substance voice over ambient pads, melodic bass, and bendy guitar. ACTRESE’s ethereal and haunting take on pop is on full display in this track, which features form-shifting sounds, a heartwarming cello, and shivering guitar as she mulls over fleeting moments, feelings, and people.

I believe ACTRESE will continue to acquire a significant fanbase in music scene as long as she continues to release excellent tracks like “Vivid But Vague.” She is a craftswoman, and the fact that she is so concerned with the finer details of her artistic expression positions her in a singer/songwriter subgenre that is much smaller now than it was a generation ago. Following the popularity of this new material, we can see ACTRESE’s distinct style catching on with the general audience.

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