Acclaimed Kings Of Pop Insane Blue Consoles The Broken With Down With The Miracles

Just as the 1990s were beginning, Philippe and Paul formed Insane Blue. They began to take serious action in 1996 while attending college. From that point on until 2003, the two of them shared the vocals and guitar duties while welcoming a wide range of guest musicians to perform with them.

They thought the way to move forward again was to enter back into the Insane Blue realm when they determined it was time. On December 4th, Insane Blue published their debut album, “A State of Mental Confusion,” along with a few singles.

Their new single Down With the Miracles is a piece of soft rock music fused with rock, listening to the, song one can only lay back and let the music interact with them. It talks about the hurdles we face while going through with our daily activities.

It starts with the drums on the low tone, followed by the guitars which increase the listening pleasure of each individual. Down with the miracles isn’t one of the songs you listen to and move on to, this song gets stuck on you, making you more and more addicted to it.

This is a song about war, loss of hope (even for most believers), and struggles to survive.

“We couldn’t be indifferent to what is happening around the world. We were particularly touched to learn that this song was played on the war front in Ukraine. Only for that, it was already worth it.”

Said Insane Blue about down with the miracles

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