Abusta – Push Hard(Official Video) Directed By Ike


Abusta – Push Hard(Official Video) Directed By Ike

The first time I watched the video i wondered what the artistes really meant. I did not get an instance gist until I re-watched the video again.

Abusta in his song tells us that, whether one is from the ghetto or Living a luxurious life, we should never stop pushing harder because we might not know when the real meaning of success begins.

In this video which happens to be his first, the rapper depicts the life of a poor boy who is determined to make it no matter the hurdles that come his way.From the days when he sold ice cream.

He gathered the little money he made from selling those ice cream in the streets and later got himself a laptop. He did not quit or paused from there he then hits the café to make more money, Abusta is seen to finally succeed and have the finest things in life.

Directed by Ike. Enjoy the video below

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