49 Burning Condors Terrifying Tales Of “Noonday”

About 49 Burning Condors

49 Burning Condors is a gothic witch rock band based out of Philadelphia, PA, birthed in 2019, and made up of a hodgepodge of souls: including Kimber Dulin (vocalist + lyricist), Chris Tremoglie(guitarist + pianist), Andriana Markano (violin) Zach Rinck (bassist), and Kat Wilson (Drums). They thrive off the myths of malefic witches, lustful gods, and unholy ghosts bound to the Swamp, slithering with its snakes, home and grave to human and beast alike. Their acoustic style mirrors the fables passed down – tongue to tongue and ear to ear– becoming more twisted and ruinous with every passing listen, with every gulp of whiskey around the fire.


About The Release “Noonday”

Midday, a nightmare began. Their lead singer dreamed her walls became red, a young kid taunted her, and she begged to be released but couldn’t talk because her mouth was clogged with mud. Noonday slipped upon the pages.

Noonday was written collectively on an old rug in a private school in North Philadelphia when pupils attended school from home during the epidemic.

Through the rising resonator guitar, guttural bass, pounding drumming, rock-a-bye violin, and piercing vocals, they cathartically emptied their emotions into Noonday. Longing, repression, and loneliness were their goals. Harlan Ellison’s horror stories ending in nothing inspired the lyrics.

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