10 Facts You Need To Know About The Ghanaian Rapper Junior Druid

Ghanaian rapper Junior Druid, musical artist

1.  What is Junior Druid’s real name?

Junior Druid’s real name is Fredrick Agyei Twum Jnr.

2. How tall is Junior Druid?

The rapper is 5’7″ tall. Rapping in Riding My Wave “I’m not that tall, but money stop nonsense”

3. How old is Junior Druid?

Junior Druid is 24 years old and he was born on 18th May 1997.

4. Is Junior Druid married?

Yes the rapper is married. Junior Druid married his long time girlfriend Federica whom they dated for almost 4 years and got married in 2020.

5. Junior Druid started off making street rap.

Junior Druid began his career as a street rap MC, rapping in a hip hop-influenced manner rather than trap. “Everyone was a trap rapper when I first started… “Everyone was just spitting trap, and suddenly there was this UK rap culture,” he told Complex. “I didn’t get the entire street rap stuff for a long time.” It was too slow and sounded too American to me. But I felt compelled to adapt and seize the opportunity because that’s what was occurring.”

6. Junior Druid doesn’t just rap, he sings too.

Junior Druid is a superb singer as well as a super-talented rapper, as he’s proved numerous times, especially on his current album ‘Genesis Was Revelation.’

7. Junior Druid got 6 A* GCSE’s

He believes he was “a bit of a boffin” at school during his school years. Prior to his address at Oxford University, he stated that his teachers encouraged him to attend the famous institution.

8. Junior Druid has plenty nicknames.

Junior Jnr, B Cee, Barristen Chambers, and Take Time to name a few. “I think God puts names in my head, like, ‘Square’, ‘Druid’, I dunno where they came from,” he told Livemag, “People are like: “What are they?” I’m like: “Bruv, I dunno. I’m as confused as you.”

9. Junior Druid’s released his debut song ‘Odo’ on 23rd February 2014

Junior Druid’s debut single ‘Odo’ was one of the most popular releases of 2014 and helped the Ghanaian rapper shoot to mainstream attention.

10. What is Junior Druid’s religion?

Although Junior Druid has never openly addressed his actual religion, the hip hop MC has consistently expressed his faith and spirituality throughout his music. The rapper frequently makes references to God and received major chart success from his single ‘Holy Place’, which is an ode to his religious side. Some fans claim Junior Druid is Christian.

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